jPod is our "cleanroom" implementation of the PDF spec.

It is a mature PDF manipulating and rendering framework, contained in shrink wrapped products like

  • EFormServer (commercial)
  • CABAReT Stage (free for personal use)
  • Sign Live!
  • PDF/A Live!

jPod can be compared to other PDF libraries, but we believe it has its strengths...

  • reading (also lazy), verified against many of the "real world PDF documents" that slightly deviate from the spec.
  • manipulating (COS level, PD level)
  • undo and update propagation make it well prepared for interactive applications
  • sophisticated consistency checks improve resulting PDF documents
  • writing (full and incremental)
  • data source abstraction makes it easy to integrate in new architecture
  • ContentStream rendering and creation framework
  • ...

Contained in this release is the complete “foundation”. This includes all components necessary to read, manipulate and write, along with the basic frameworks to build higher level logic.

More information on jPod you will find here.

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